I am Devarajan from Kaladipet, Chennai(Mob: 09445615153). During 2009, I was working in Libya as an Electical Engineer. Due to low BP, I once fell down. There was Ligament tear on my left side. Even after 5years of continuous allopathis medication, I could not bend my fingers, open my palm nor could I walk for two minutes. I was taken to a well-known allopathic hospital. They told me that in such cases five years is the grace period and with seven years now, I would have been dead. Incidentally, my niece happened to come to ATHREYAM AYURVEDA HOSPITAL, Thiruvilvamala for a treatment and she got complete cure within a short while. She recommended me to come here and I got admitted on 3rd June 2017. Now, within a very short span of treatment here, there has been a fabulous change in my health. I feel fresh now. I can walk for long hours and can move about like any other healthy person. Incredible it is. I thank the hospital staff and God.


I am Hameed from Nadapuram (9847 256 000). I had been suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, one of the complicated ailments that affect the nerve system. I had undergone treatment at various medical centers for nearlu a decade with no reportable improvement.

I was a little depressed amd agitated and all of us had a feeling that I may not recover. At this juncture I have come to know of Dr. M.N.Ravindran, a specialist in physio-therapy, spine and neurology treatments, practicing at Athreyam Ayurveda Hospital, Thiruvilvamala.

Under his treatment I am steadily improving now. I whole heartedly thank Dr. Ravindran and all his confreres in the hospital.

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