About Us


Athreya Research Foundation is a Charitable Trust formed under the leadership of Swamy Nirmalanandagiri Maharaj, in the year 2006 registered as per Indian Income Tax Act 1961 with the following primary objectives :

  • Establish and run hospitals and palliative care centers as per the ancient traditional Indian systems of medicine
  • Establish and run Indigenous Medicine Manufacturing Unit for the patients of the hospital/ Palliative Care Unit and Out patients.
  • Developing and Maintaining Botanical Garden with specific care towards rare and endangered varieties of Herbal plants from all over the world
  • Indigenous Cow Protection Program
  • Annadaanam Program
  • Publish Newsletter/ Magazines/ Text books for/towards the objectives of the Trust.
  • Establish run Medical/Other Colleges/Educational Institutions towards the fulfillment of Objectives of the Trust.

Our Vision:

There is not a branch of science or knowledge that did not germinate and sprout out from Bharath of yore. Today, Bharath as well as the whole world are groping in the darkness of ignorance. A world rid of this ‘Thamasic’ trauma with the Vedic vision of “Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavantu” (let the entire world enjoy the total bliss of happiness and wellness) is our vision.

Our Mission:

  • To inculcate a sense of universal bondage as all human beings are one creation
  • To resurrect the lost Dharma, heritage and culture of ancient Bharat.
  • To distribute equally and globally the incalculable treasure of ancient wisdom and to re-establish the old concept of harmony.

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