Athreyam Hospital

Athreyam Hospital, set in a tranquil environ and salubrious climate to facilitate mental rejoicing and quick convalescence, provides you with all modern amenities or Ayurveda and other holistic treatment methods with excellent staff support and calm atmosphere. Spread out to a sprawling acres of land consisting of a sylvan pool, a vegetable garden, many fruit-bearing trees, medicinal herbs, shrubs and aromatic breeze, the hospital compound reminisces of an ancient  Thapovana (hermitage). The atmosphere itself helps in alleviating the stress and calm down your nerves for a successful therapy.

Currently running a 30 bedded Hospital and Palliative Care Unit spread over 50  Acres of land at Thiruvilwamala, Trichur Dist, Kerala.


Excellent services by dedicated staff and doctors.

  •  Treatment methodologies taught by Swarg. Swami Nirmalanadagiri Maharaj, our beloved Patron, stand out in our services.
  •  The expertise and knowledge of wide spectrum of senior Ayurvedic doctors and Acharyas resonate in our treatment, in addition to knowledge laid down by Swamiji.
  •  Facility for Personalised medicine preparation as per the requirement from GMP certified Ayurveda drug manufacturing unit.
  •  The hospital also has the services of Sri Sankara Thapovana International Yoga Training Centre set in the same campus. This facilitates our patients to opt for mental rejuvenation through Yoga and meditation.
  •  Mostly, the food served to patients is prepared from our own vegetable farm.
  •  Extended facilities available for mental rejoicing by proving access to various meditation spots and nature friendly areas.
  •  We also provide stone/ concrete cottages and Nallukettu with lake view and other small cottages in Tapovanam, our premises surrounded by varied flora and fauna. Stay at cottages can guarantee you the very close sightings of peacocks and if lucky, you may even spot hornbills.

The inmates of our facility are expected to respect the natural habitat maintained in the premises. Hence unauthorised feeding and disturbing of the birds and animals especially peacocks is strictly prohibited.

Chief consultants:

  1. Dr. Anima Anup B.A.M.S (Sunday)

For Enquires and booking contact:

Phone: +91 4884 281166


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