Athreyam Gausamrakshananidhi (cattle protection)

This division is dedicated for the protection and maintenance of indigenous breeds of cattle in India. Our collection includes Gir, Vechoor, Kasargodan and many native breeds. With no nose piercing, we give cattles the freedom to roam around in their own fenced niche. We encourage children and adults to love and care for them.

Currently running and maintaining around 100 cows (Native breeds- Gir, Kasargodan Dwarf, Vechur etc) at Athreyam Campus Thiruvilvamala, Trichur Dist., Kerala

Currently running and maintaining around 20 cows of native origin at Athreyam  Campus Aluva.

Anyone who is interested to be a part of our humble attempt to conserve and protect cattle breeds can hold hands with us.

Adoption of cattle: Cows, bulls or calves can be adopted by those who are interested by remitting a fixed amount for its care taking, fodder and other needs. If a new born calf is adopted, you can name the adoptee as per your choice, which will be registered in our records.

You can provide us support by sponsoring the cattle feed and other cattle care related services for any period of time of your choice like fodder for a day, one month, one year and so on to the entire cattle (except adopted ones) or to any number of cattle.

You can also do services to the cattle personally by spending your time with them by helping the care takers in feeding or gracing them or by simply spending some time with them giving your affection and love.

For details regarding contributions to Gausamrakshananidhi, please contact the front office, Athreyam Hospital, Thiruvilwamala. Phone: +91 4884 281166

For contributions/ payments/ donations / advance booking click here.

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